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About Me

keith.jpgI have been working with wooden toys since early high school. I apprenticed with a craftsman in his shop and when he retired I bought the business and moved it closer to my home near Clayton, North Carolina.

I enjoy building and selling these toys and I take a lot of pride in my crafts. I strive to make quality and safe wooden toys available at a reasonable price. All manufacturing is done at my shop. I use only child-safe materials in all of my toys and they are all made of poplar hardwood which is ideal for achieving a smooth finish. This means that there are no rough edges to harm your child. My toys also have no small parts that could present a choking hazard.

I try to make all of my toys educational so that not only will the child enjoy playing with them but my toys also help teach the child hand-eye coordination, spelling, color recognition, and motor skills. I do not make any violent toys--no gun or knives.

It gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction to see the kids' eyes light up when demonstrating the toys at the many shows I do each year.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my WEB site & store.

Sincerely Keith Hartman, Quality Woodcrafts
A family owned business since 1970